Great Barrier Reef Liveaboards -GBR accommodation

Great Barrier Reef liveaboards are the perfect way to explore the Great Barrier Reef. These tours  have all of the accommodations of home right onboardl.

Our Great Barrier Reef liveaboards operate like floating hotels with great packages for scuba diving, snorkelling and even learn to scuba dive.

Great Barrier Reef liveaboard packages allow you to decide on the package that suits you best.

Our trips are ideal for everyone regardless of their aquatic ability we can teach you to snorkel and scuba dive in a few minutes

You’ll take multiple dives per day with the opportunity to night dive for a unique scuba diving experience.

Offering custom tailored Great Barrier Reef diving excursions, you’re able to take a liveaboard trip even if you’ve never dived before.

Liveaboard trips are perfect for any diver despite experience level. If you’ve never scuba dived before, there are many scuba diving courses available right on the liveaboard vessel.

With just a few short sessions, you’re on your way to diving into the pristine water to explore the vibrant underwater world below.

Dive Courses

If you’re a professional diver, you’ll have equally exciting diving experience.  You will  even able to further your diving skills and credentials with onboard dive courses.

If a Nitrox course is on your list of things to do you can add this to your experience.

If you need a refresher course before diving into the reef, there are refresher courses onboard too.

When you’re ready to begin your  diving adventure, you’ll dive into the water right off of the deck of the liveaboard.


When you need refuelling or a rest, head back onboard the vessel for comfortable rooms and lounge areas while you dine on gourmet meals.

Afterwards, sunbathe on the deck while you watch the marine life, or head back into the water for another dive.


Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard
Reef Encounter Saloon

As Great Barrier Reef liveaboards take you on diving excursions for multiple days.  There’s no need to feel rushed. You’ll make the most of your time on the reef without time restraints.

You’re able to take in everything there is to see and do with GBR dive trips.

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