Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling liveaboard tours allow you to submerge yourself in the tropical water off Australia’s coastline at the Great Barrier Reef

Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef is a great way to explore the beauty of the reef below, without having to take any diving courses or become a certified diver.

Even in the shallow waters of the reef, you’ll be surrounded by coral formations and an abundance of marine life.

Great Barrier Reef liveaboard snorkeling tours take you to the top snorkeling locations to view the scenic underwater ecosystems.

As you dive into the shallow snorkeling sites, you’ll swim with sea turtles, a variety of fish and many other marine creatures with coral gardens covering the ground below.

Although scuba diving allows you to take deeper swims and stay underwater for prolonged periods of time, snorkeling allows you to see the beauty of the reef in a unique light.

Because you’re closer to the surface, the sunlight isn’t filtered.

As a result, the marine life below is more vibrant and colorful, providing a new respect for the underwater world below.

Even though you’re snorkeling, you’re still able to explore the best reef sites at the Great Barrier Reef.

Top locations for Great Barrier Reef liveaboard snorkeling include Norman Reef, where you’re able to scuba dive into the diversity of marine life below.

Great Barrier Reef liveaboard snorkeling tours also take you to Hastings Reef white tip reef sharks and more than 500 other tropical inhabitants.

Saxon Reef is another popular spot for snorkeling as it allows you to see migrating whales, sponge gardens and kelp

The diversity of marine life here is truly astounding as you’ll swim with manta rays, sea turtles and nudibranches.

Great Barrier Reef snorkeling tours also take you to Michaelmas Cay and many other top snorkeling destinations.

Snorkeling on a  Great Barrier Reef liveaboard tour is an excellent way to explore the largest reef system in the world without having to take special courses or go on extended diving trips.