Learn Scuba diving course is all done on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef over 3 or 4 days

The highlights are that you will be scuba diving on the reef coming face to face with brightly coloured marine life.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the ideal place to learn scuba diving the water is crystal clear and warm

Our Personalised Open Water Dive Course is ideal for anyone who is comfortable in the water.

Ideally candidates should have experienced the pleasures of breathing underwater, so that you will feel completely comfortable in the water.

Benefits include:

The program offers more guided dives than both the open water and advanced courses combined! 8 pleasure dives are combined with 6 skills sessions over a 3 day / 2 night period on Reef Encounter. This ensures all candidates have 8 recreational dives on the Great Barrier Reef…

There are no pools, no classrooms – do away with the fundamentals of your traditional 5 day course and become a certified open water diver in just 3 days…

Learn by experience under the watchful eye of your instructor with only 3 other students… Personalised…. Safer….. More Fun…..Attention to detail….


Once you make your booking you will receive an email linking you to our online portion of the learn scuba diving course.

—The theory is fun and easy to learn, you won’t have to spend days grinding the away to pass the exam.

Students can do a minimum of 6 dives or a maximum of 8 dives it’s up to them…
8 pleasure dives over 3 days as opposed to 3 pleasure dives over 5 days – I know which I’d choose…

Find out more about our liveaboard and what you can expect onboard

Our Great Barrier Reef liveaboard is really flexible you might want to learn to scuba dive and your friend may already be a certified diver or a snorkeler both onboard you can do packages that suit you best.

Are you looking for a more personalised Course upgrade to our Top Deck Club
Our Top Deck Club comes with your own dive instructor so if you like the more personalised training Top Deck Club may be for you click on the link to find out more about our Top Deck Club experience

Frequently asked Questions about our learn scuba diving course

How long does it take to learn scuba diving? We can teach you the whole course in 3 days. If you choose to learn to scuba dive in a swimming pool the course generally takes 5 days 2 days in pool and 3 days on a liveaboard

What type of scuba diving certification is best ? There are quite a lot of scuba diving agencies PADI, SSI, NAUI the list goes on they teach the same information some of them use the Universal Referral form which is great if you want to start your dive course where you live and then complete your open water dives on the Great Barrier Reef for example.
Once you are a certified diver you can then interchange your certification for example you may have an SSI open water certification and then do a PADI advanced course.

Where to learn scuba diving in Australia? Australia is an island surrounded by water there are so many wonderful places to learn scuba diving you can start with the
Dive Centre locator on the SSI website

Do scuba diving certification expire ? no your scuba diving certification is good for life. If you have not dived for over 12 months we would recommend that you take a refresher course.

Are there sharks on the Great Barrier Reef ? Yes there certainly are sharks on the Great Barrier Reef. You may be quite surprised as the sharks we encounter are very docile and shy.
there are NO great white sharks on the reef they prefer much colder waters.