The World’s Number One Scuba Site Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Scuba diving is said to be the best way to explore the rich marine life of the Great Barrier Reef.

Stretching more than 2,000 km, diving the Great Barrier Reef offers plenty of room to explore the vast ecosystem.

With Great Barrier Reef scuba dive tours, you’ll be completely surrounded by fish, coral, sharks, turtles, whales and much more.

Great Barrier Reef scuba diving offers an opportunity to explore the natural playground with single day and multiple day diving tours.

Because the Great Barrier Reef is so large, there’s no shortage of scuba diving locations to explore. Cod Hole and North Horn are known across the world for some of the best scuba diving adventures.

You can even dive with shark, take liveaboard adventures, night dives and take deep dives to explore the reef in a truly unique way.

Great Barrier Reef Liveaboards
Scuba Dive with a Turtle

Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef is amazing no matter when you visit. But, during certain times of the year you’ll see rare spectaculars of nature– from humpback whales to giant potato cod.

The reef offers nearly perfect diving conditions year round, but many feel the best time to visit is late August through December as diving conditions and water clarity are ideal.

If you’re looking for warmer waters, Great Barrier Reef diving from June to August is the time to plan your trip.

However, the most popular time to visit the reef is July to November, which is when most people book their liveaboard diving trips.

Visibility is at it’s peak and the sea is at it’s calmest, making the perfect diving experience.

June to August is the time people visit to capture the most of marine life during their trip. It’s Minke whale season during these months, while humpbacks are in the area from August to November. During this time, you’ll also see coral spawning and swim with giant potato cod.

To add a little more thrill into your Great Barrier Reef diving, visit from May to February to swim with sharks!


One of the best things about Great Barrier Reef diving is that fact you can book Great Barrier Reef scuba tours without any prior diving experience.

There are easy diving courses available that will allow you to dive into the water just a few hours after completion.

Of course, there are also  scuba diving trips for certified and professional divers as well.

No matter where or when you dive the Great Barrier Reef, the beauty and adventure won’t be matched anywhere else in the world.