– Learn to Scuba Dive


If you’ve always wanted to scuba dive, the Great Barrier Reef is the perfect place to take your love for nature and adventure to the next level by learning to dive. You’ll learn to scuba dive at one of the best locations in the world, with unmatched beauty and mystery. If you have no prior diving experience, don’t worry. As long as you can swim, you’re able to learn to dive at the Great Barrier Reef.


With Reef Encounter, you’re able to learn entry level diving needed for open water diving, become an advanced adventure diver, take refresher courses and there are even advanced courses for professional diving. When you learn scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll receiving training from highly experienced professionals with excellent safety standards.


Great Barrier Reef liveaboard offer the perfect opportunity to learn to dive as you’ll make the most of your vacation with 3 day and 4 day courses. You’ll spend every minute on the Great Barrier Reef as there’s no need to head back to the shore. Everything you need is right on the luxury liveaboard vessel, from classroom facilities and diving gear to excellent food and comfortable sleeping quarters.


With our introductory courses to learn to scuba dive, you’ll learn the basic skills needed, including:


Ÿ  Regulator removal and replacement

Ÿ  Regulator switch

Ÿ  Regulator recovery and placement

Ÿ  Mask flood and clear

Ÿ  Mask removal and placement

Ÿ  Safety drills


Our more advanced dive courses are more in-depth to further your diving skills, which allow you to explore deeper dive sites and those that require a higher scuba diving experience level.


Prior to taking any course to learn to scuba dive, you need to be aware of a few key factors. Although diving is considered to be safe, you’ll need to fill out a medical questionnaire. This is needed to ensure certain health conditions won’t cause a safety issue. Also, there are age restrictions for diving, so if you’re planning a family trip, make sure your children meet the age requirements.


Before you begin your courses to learn to scuba dive, it’s best to complete free online training classes if you wish to take Open Water Courses as they will provide you with a basic understanding of scuba diving, saving you time in the classroom and allowing more time to dive.


If you’re ready to explore the Great Barrier Reef in the best way possible, learn to scuba dive at one of the most beautiful places in the world on a liveaboard scuba dive vessel.