Osprey Reef: A Dive into Underwater Splendour

Welcome to the beautiful world of Osprey Reef, a destination that promises terrific underwater adventures. At GreatBarrierReefLiveaboards.com, we are excited to introduce you to this extraordinary dive site and help you plan your next diving expedition.

Discover Osprey Reef

Osprey Reef

Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea is a diver’s dream. Here’s why you should make it a part of your Great Barrier Reef liveaboard experience:

Shark Heaven

Osprey Reef

Osprey Reef is famous for its exceptional shark encounters. Divers can witness hammerhead sharks, grey reef sharks, and even the occasional silvertip shark. If you’re a shark enthusiast, this is your haven.

Pristine Coral Gardens

The reef’s vibrant coral formations are a visual feast. Explore gardens of colourful soft and hard corals, home to many big and small marine creatures.

Thrilling Drift Dives

Exciting drift dives along its walls and pinnacles. The strong currents bring nutrient rich waters, attracting a profusion of marine life.

Night Dive Magic

Night dives at Osprey Reef are enchanting. Witness the reef transform as nocturnal creatures like moray eels, crustaceans, and octopuses come to life under your torchlight.

Dive Sites at Osprey Reef

North Horn:

This iconic dive site is famous for shark encounters. Descend into the blue and watch as schools of grey reef sharks circle the area. You might even spot a majestic hammerhead shark cruising by.


Explore towering coral formations resembling cathedral spires. These structures are adorned with colourful soft corals and are a favourite among photographers.

False Entrance:

Venture into the labyrinthine swim throughs of False Entrance. You’ll encounter impressive overhangs, swim-throughs, and tunnels, all teeming with marine life.

Osprey Wall:

Drift along the stunning vertical wall of Osprey Reef, where gorgonian fans, sea whips, and colourful fish create a mesmerising underwater landscape.

Planning Your Osprey Reef Dive Adventure

Before embarking on your Osprey Reef adventure, here are some tips to ensure a memorable experience:

  1. Choose a Reputable Operator: Select a Great Barrier Reef liveaboard operator that includes Osprey Reef in its itinerary. Research and compare operators to find one that suits your preferences.
  2. Pack Your Gear: Ensure you have all your diving equipment in top condition. Don’t forget your underwater camera to capture the magic of Osprey Reef.
  3. Safety First: Listen to your dive guides and follow their instructions. Safety is paramount, especially in currents that can be strong.
  4. Respect the Environment: Practice responsible diving by not touching or disturbing the delicate corals and marine life. Leave only bubbles and take only memories.

Embark on Your Osprey Reef Adventure

Now that you’re well-informed about Osprey Reef’s wonders, it’s time to dive into this underwater paradise. Prepare for shark encounters, colourful corals, and thrilling drift dives that will leave you breathless.

For more details and booking options, visit GreatBarrierReefLiveaboards.com and start planning your adventure today. Dive in and create memories that will last a lifetime!