Explore the Hidden Treasures of Pellowe Reef

Nestled close to the edge of the continental shelf, Pellowe Reef is a small yet captivating gem awaiting exploration. It is accessible only on fine weather days due to its proximity to the continental shelf.  This isolated reef offers a spectacular scuba diving experience characterised by its dramatic drop offs and abundant marine life.

Exciting Dive Opportunities

Divers exploring Pellowe Reef encounter various exciting dive opportunities, from exciting wall dives to captivating swim throughs. With depths ranging from 5 to 30 metres, there’s something for divers of all skill levels to enjoy. The reef’s proximity to the continental shelf increases the chance of encountering large pelagic fish species.  Scuba divers regularly sight chevron barracuda and nudibranchs.

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Location and Accessibility

Pellowe Reef is breathtaking because it is close to Milln Reef, Thetford Reef, and Moore Reef on the edge of the continental shelf. Located approximately 35 nautical miles offshore, it is accessible via overnight and day trips.  This allows scuba divers to explore its pristine waters and vibrant marine life.

Rare and Special

While Pellowe Reef may be a smaller reef, its conditions must align perfectly for visits, making it a rare and special treat for those lucky enough to experience it. Strong currents and weather conditions dictate access to the reef, ensuring the safety of divers and snorkelers at all times.

Marine Life Encounters

Prepare to encounter many marine life and visibility extending up to 20 metres. Dive into a beautiful underwater experience at Pellowe Reef!

Chevron Barracuda

Please keep your eyes peeled for chevron barracuda as they hunt for their next meal, and marvel at the intricate beauty of the various coral species that adorn the reef.

Anemone Haven

Embark on an under water adventure at Pellowe Reef, where you’ll encounter a vibrant array of marine life. From elusive moray eels peeking out from crevices to majestic bull rays gracefully gliding across the ocean floor, many fascinating creatures await discovery. Dive in and witness the wonders of the under water world at Pellowe Reef!

In the shallows of Pellowe Reef, vibrant anemones play host to orange and white clownfish, capturing the hearts of divers and snorkelers alike. These well known fish, who gained fame from the movie “Finding Nemo,” coexist with their host anemones in a symbiotic relationship, providing protection and cleanliness in exchange for shelter.

Embark on a beautiful journey to Pellowe Reef and immerse yourself in its beauty and diverse marine life. Whether you’re exploring its captivating dive sites or encountering iconic marine creatures, Pellowe Reef promises an adventure like no other.

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