Nitrox Become Enriched Air Nitrox Certified Today

Enriched air nitrox certificationAt, we ONLY advertise liveaboards that offer the highest standard of dive training.

All of the enriched air nitrox certification packages that we recommend are delivered by world-class training organisations.

Diving is enjoyed across a range of the very best Great Barrier Reef destinations.

Ensuring you get the ultimate Great Barrier Reef experience.

Once your certification course is completed, you’ll be qualified to use nitrox for scuba diving anywhere in the world.

Nitrox Vs Air

Enriched air nitrox certification

Enriched air nitrox certification is one of the most beneficial scuba diving tickets any recreational diver can hold.

Not only does it allow you to extend your ‘no-decompression time limit. 

Nitrox essentially gives you a long time to enjoy your scuba adventures. 

It also leaves you feeling much more energy and vitality after scuba diving than regular air does. 

Diving with enriched air nitrox means diving with more oxygen (and therefore less nitrogen) in your air mixture.

The act of scuba diving with nitrox is no different than diving with a regular air mixture.

Nitrox Course

During the Nitrox course, you will learn the benefits, safety aspects, equipment, planning your nitrox dives.

You will also learn pre-dive checks required to be able to dive safely with enriched air.

The single dives, the most significant benefits are experienced when participating in multiple dives over multiple days.

Acquiring your nitrox certification during your Great Barrier Reef trip, you can complete the course and enjoy fun dives.

It can even be in conjunction with other dive training.

You may choose to take the nitrox certification course alone or combine it with other training specialties.

Great Barrier Reef Diving Packages – Enriched Air Nitrox Certification

Reef Encounter offers nitrox certification courses to certified scuba divers.  These are ideal if you are looking to up-skill and gain extra dive qualifications.

Reef Encounter offers nitrox certification courses combined with your entry-level ‘learn to dive course’ or ‘open water course’.

How To Book Your Nitrox Certification Course With Reef Encounter

First, to book your Nitrox training, select the accommodation type Hotel-style Stateroom accommodation OR Top Deck Club accommodation.

Once you have selected your accommodation next, add any course you wish to complete in the ‘optional extras’ section.

When you select Top Deck Club accommodation, you will have your own  Dive Instructor assigned to you for the duration of your stay.

Your valet will conduct all scuba dives as a private guide, as well as your nitrox certification course.

In addition to your own personal Dive Instructor, the ‘Top Deck Club’ has many other luxury inclusions – such as VIP dinner under the stars, late check-out time and more.

Stateroom accommodation is hotel-style cabins with all the usual amenities.

Top Deck Club

The Top Deck Club onboard Reef Encounter is a premium package offered on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Enjoy a guaranteed comfortable stateroom on the Top Deck and personalised...

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